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Hidden Profits in the form of Forgivable Canadian Grants

Canadian Grants

Canadian Grants

Hidden Profits in


Forgivable Canadian Grants

  Hidden profits in forgivable Canadians grants are very imporant for Canadian Real Estate investors to know. The Real Estate Millionaire Secrets Apprentices (REMSA) went to the city of Hamilton to learn more about different investment opportunities and grant programs. Warmingly welcomed, we were introduced and showed by the government officials what types of grants, rebate programs and tax assistances are available. In the field trip, the Canadian Real Estate Investors found out that this is a humongous resource and it’s beyond the common knowledge for any person or real estate investor to comprehend. The Canadian Real Estate Investors came from different provinces; from British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. They were shocked and amazed what they heard and discovered. It seems like city of Hamilton is real estate investor friendly town which welcome all kinds of real estate investment. The city has so many programs which offer different incentive grants, tax rebates. We had collected and combined all of the information into this book to help and educate you about the different grant programs available in the city of Hamilton. This book is dedicated for the purpose of educating and bringing awareness to Canadian investors to invest with proper education and coaching. We will appreciate your feedbacks and comments. The purpose of writing this book is to enlighten and bring awareness to Canadian real estate investor the importance of education and coaching.
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Insight at the book once/month “part of chapter”

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It’s one of the best courses. Very crisp and accurate information. It opens up the mind and I bring the thinking process to a different level of perspective.


Amarpreet Bhui, MBA, BE, B.SC
Great course, full of information that can be put to practice right away and start helping others.


Dan Lauzon,Cornwall, ON
Great workshop. I’m glad I took the time to meet so many wonderful people and contacts and I also cant wait to apply these tactics to my life.

Wayne Deruchie
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